Sunday, 20 January 2013


Hi! Welcome to my blog, dedicated to examining citizen media and the public sphere. My name is Elyse and I am a 4th year Communications student minoring in Sociology. Throughout my university career I have worked for some really interesting businesses and utilized by communications knowledge every step of the way. Most recently I was hired as a Social Media Intern where the main priority of my job was to inform the business of new and forthcoming social media opportunities. In this position my main priority was to be on Twitter for the better part of my day, conducting research (I know I know, what a drag - worst job ever - not!). I loved it, what communications student wouldn't!? I really enjoy anything to do with social media, it makes me feel important to be able to voice my opinion and join in on conversations with other participating citizens of media.

Anyways, back to the purpose of this blog - citizen media, and if you are reading this then that means you are, "another participating citizen of media" too! This blog will bring you informational knowledge about citizen media but I will also throw in my personal experiences and thoughts on the subject of participatory media (which, by the way, is so much more than just one subject). This blog is meant to keep account of my learnings from my seminar class on citizen media and the public sphere (CS400hA), where I will blog on the subjects of the course.



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